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To make sure that your holiday in lively Laganas ticks all the boxes, go ahead and download the Laganas Life app today. Our app is downloaded and used by thousands of holidaymakers every summer in order to help them enjoy a truly sensational holiday in the resort. The app provides you with a wealth of valuable information about Laganas as well as advice on where to go in order to really make the most of your stay in the town. Whether you’re looking for the best events and excursions in Laganas or you’re searching for the best bars, clubs, shops, hotels, pools or beaches, our app can point you in the right direction.

Is your smartphone glued to your palm on a 24/7 basis? You’re not the only one! These days many of us own smartphones and this has led to apps increasing dramatically in popularity. We all love apps and this is demonstrated by the fact that there seems to be an app for absolutely everything! Our Laganas app is designed to ensure that you have up to the minute information at your fingertips during your stay in the resort. From reviews of local businesses to information about events and excursions and access to special offers, the app is intended to help you plan an unforgettable holiday in this Greek paradise. Down the app today to begin planning the ultimate Laganas holiday.


Main Benefits…

  • Get up to the minute information on all the events happening during your stay.
  • Find people that are attending the same event as you, and communicate.
  • Get the run down on all of the best bars, clubs, beaches and activities
  • Listen & download all of the summers smash hit tunes via our music player
  • Convenient access to useful numbers (i.e. police, medical centre, taxis etc)
  • View and submit photos to our live gallery
  • Use our map to see what is around you and find points of interest
  • Get live 5 Day Weather Forecasts
  • Use our chat feature to chat with other holiday makers (past and present).
  • Connect to our facebook page – and communicate with even more holiday makers.