Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday


Have amazing holiday

1: Remember to keep yourself hydrated whilst you’re in Laganas. Drinking more water than you’re used to can seem a challenge at first, but physical well-being can be the key to a great holiday. Use all the right lotions and creams whilst you’re in the sun too.

2: Don’t risk taking your passport with you on a night out. If you lose it you can expect to fork out as much as £150 for an emergency replacement. Use an alternative form of identification if you need to.

3: Be careful with alcohol. As tempting as it may seem to throw caution to the wind, you can get yourself into as much trouble by drinking too much in Laganas as you can back at home – if not more. Think very carefully about taking drugs too – you probably won’t know what you’re really taking and you might find yourself staying in a Zante prison for the night – not the place to be.

4: Budget sensibly. Of course, it can be easy to be swept away by a new environment, especially when alcohol is concerned but there are few things more spirit-crushing than running out of cash halfway through your holiday. If you feel you can’t trust yourself, get a sensible friend to look after cash you can’t spend. Big wads of cash shouldn’t be carried around either.

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5: Don’t forget about crime. Criminals can prey on carefree tourists, and child pickpockets can be prominent in holiday resorts. Keep your wits about you and think carefully about taking valuable items away from your hotel or apartment. Don’t walk home alone either.

6: When it comes to physical intimacy, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do at home. Use contraception if you do find yourself getting close to a stranger. Don’t leave your drinks unattended either.

7: The hiring of quads and motorbikes can be very risky. Far too many tourists have lost their lives using these vehicles so hire a car if you do have to hire anything. Don’t get behind the wheel after a drink though. Stay safe and have a fantastic holiday, creating memories you’ll never forget.