Food and Restaurants

Food and Restaurants

Literally Something for ALL Tastes…


There’s a wide range of eateries available to you in Laganas, whether you’re looking for traditional Greek delights or are looking for food from around the world. Seaside specialises in Greek and Italian dishes and is amongst the most acclaimed choices.

At Cool Peppers you’ll get not only Greek and Italian options but Mediterranean and international cuisine too. This is also amongst the highest-rated restaurants amongst critics, locals and tourists.

Maggie Maes is great for those wishing to dine as they might back in the UK and if you’re looking for something a little Nandos-esque you’ll be well served by Peri Heaven, where you’ll find a whole host of Portuguese chicken dishes.

Take away options are also rife if you’re just looking for a quick snack, we suggest you head to Big Boys.