Clubbing in Zante…#2015

Clubbing in Laganas Zante 2015

Clubbing in Zante…
Zante has long been famed for having some of the longest and most idyllic beaches in the whole of the med, but it is fast getting a reputation for having some of the best nightclubs in the region too. Making it the perfect location for those looking to party all night and lounge all day.
Undoubtedly the biggest and the wildest party spots on the island are to be found in Laganas. A staple on the 18-30 destination list for a while now, the nightlife here continues to get bigger, better and more debauched – year upon year. Here we’ll run down the best of the best, to help you squeeze as much action as you can out of your #Summer2015 holiday.

Zeros Club:
“The Home of Flair” has been one of the big dogs on the Zante club scene since the 90s, so you’re in safe hands here. All the bar-tenders are fully trained in the art of flair, so expect astonishing cocktails served and prepared in an astonishing fashion. Once you’ve collected your drink and picked your jaw up off the floor, you’ll soon discover that anything goes at Zeros, massive dance floors filled with fire-breathers and jugglers and top DJs grinding out the biggest tunes, not to mention it is home to biggest and best weekly foam party on the island. Definitely not to be missed.

Zeros Club Laganas 1
Zeros Club Laganas 3
Zeros Club Laganas 2

Rescue Club:
The biggest super-club on the island and arguably the best known, with a capacity of over 2000, every single night feels massive, whether it’s a Tuesday when they play host to awesome live music from around the world and international DJs like Hed Kandi or Dave Pearce or on a Friday night when Rescue becomes ‘Europe’s Largest UV Paint Party’. Open 7 days a week, no visit to Zante is complete without stumbling sweatily out of Rescue as the sun comes up at least once.

Rescue Club Laganas Zante 1
Rescue Club Laganas Zante 2
Photos from Rescue Club Zante

A relative new comer to the Laganas scene, it has quickly established itself as one of the top venues in Laganas. With amazing UK DJs laying down an eclectic mix of dub-step, house and trance, along with more commercial EDM, there will be something to get everyone in your group up and having a piece. The staff here are the real draw, they are so friendly and will make sure you’re well looked after. Expect impromptu face painting, witty banter and cheap, strong drinks. What more could you want?

Zoo Club Laganas Zante 1
Zoo Club Laganas Zante 2
Zoo Club Laganas Zante 3

Over the last 20 years Waikiki has established itself as the hottest R&B club in all of Laganas and #Summer2015 isn’t going to be any different, if you’re looking to get your grind on, this is definitely the spot for you – whether you’re out for urban, grind, bashment, dub or hip-hop, Waikiki has you covered.

Waikiki Laganas Zante 1
Waikiki Laganas Zante 2
Waikiki Laganas Zante 3

Located down the bottom end of the strip, 100m from the beach, Sabotage has been serving up the finest in old skool classics since 2006. Open from 11pm until 7am (Fridays and Saturdays) this is definitely one of the top after party venues on the island. Regular celebrity guests, theme nights, pool parties and raves mean the Sabotage experience is always fresh, don’t miss out. Get in and get on down until the sun comes up.

Sabotage Club Laganas Zante
Sabotage Club Laganas Zante

Cherry Bay Beach Club:
Slap bang on the beach at the end of the strip, this bonkers joint is the ideal spot to end your night/start your morning. The cheese is strong with this place, the theme throughout is very Baywatch, there are jet-skis for seats and the DJ booth is a speedboat! Expect cheesy tunes and cheesier grins until the early hours. It’s not all silly though, Cherry Bay is home to the world famous Full Moon Party, which literally has to be seen to believed and with Kiss FM’s Majestic kicking out barnstorming classics every Monday night, there is something for serious clubbers and party freaks alike. Try it once. You won’t be disappointed.

Cherry Bay Beach Club Laganas Zante
Cherry Bay Beach Club Laganas Zante logo2
Cherry Bay Beach Club Laganas Zante 2

There you have it then, just a slice of the madness that awaits you on your #Summer2015. So the only way to get there and join in is to book your Club 18-30 holiday direct at, what you waiting for?

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