Drinking in Zante #summer2015

Drinking in Laganas Zante 2015

Drinking in Zante #summer2015…

The bar scene in Laganas is ridiculous, with over 50 joints on the main strip to choose from, and more opening every year, deciding where you should head to in the day time for a well-earned beer or figuring out the best place to get your pre-club drink on, can be a bit of a minefield. Don’t sweat it though, cause we’re gonna run you through the absolute best Laganas has to offer in terms of sports bars, beach bars and pre-drinking spots, to help make your #Summer2015 club 18-30 holiday go off, just right.

Life’s a Beach!
Whether you’re in the mood to kick back on the beach with some tunes and a cocktail, or you’re out for a mad one with your mates, Life’s a Beach has you covered. Kick back in their outdoor beanbags and cabanas, have a game of Beer Pong down on the sand, try and get your name on the ‘Jucee Wall of Fame’, stuff your self-silly at the awesome 5e all you can eat BBQ. This place definitely has the three B’s well and truly sorted. Beach, Booze and Banter. What else do you want, jam on it?

Lifes a beaach bar laganas zante 1
lifes a beach bar laganas zante 2
lifes a beach bar laganas zante 3

Drunken Duncans Cocktail Factory
“Imagine if Willy Wonka sold alcoholic beverages…”
Widely regarded as serving the best cocktails in town and almost certainly the strongest, this place is a must if you’re looking for lethally strong pre-club drinks. Check out the ‘Mindblaster’ ten spirits, one glass, not for the faint of heart. The Booze Magicians at Drunken Duncans are highly trained in both booze and banter, so whether you fancy something refined like their signature frozen daiquiris, or have your knees removed by one of their more insanely powerful concoctions, you’ve come to the right place. Priding themselves on having the most knowledgeable staff and using only the finest ingredients, you’re definitely not going to leave this place disappointed.

Drunken Duncans Cocktail Factory Laganas Zante 1
Drunken Duncans Cocktail Factory Laganas Zante 2
Drunken Duncans Cocktail Factory Laganas Zante 3

Turtle Beach Bar
Located at the start of the stunning Laganas’ beach, Turtle is the perfect place to quietly lounge away last night’s hangover or to start working on tomorrow’s. Offering a wide selection of reasonably priced cocktails and serving up good quality food all day long and late into the evening, it has everything you need, so there’s no better place to soak up the sun and while away the day.

First Stop Bar (Playworld)
Does what it says on the tin, pretty much the first bar you’ll come to as you walk onto the strip and with some of the friendliest bar staff and PR’s around on hand to keep you entertained and insane drinks offers it might be end up being the one you stay in all night. Ideally situated for sitting down and meticulously planning out your bar crawl or simply smashing in some decent pre-drinks in, before attacking the clubs. Make sure you check it out.

Fishbowl Bar
If you’re looking for fishbowls, you’ve come to the right place. Slap bang in the middle of the strip this bar is open all day until late and specialises in big tunes and even bigger cocktails. Whether you wanna share a fishbowl with your mates or take on one of the insane ‘Half Yards’ (5 Euro a pop and you get to keep the glass!) for yourself, Fishbowl bar is the spot to be. With a chilled terrace area outside and resident DJs inside keeping the party going, you can rave or relax, the choice is yours.

Fishbowl Bar Laganas Zante 1
Fishbowl Bar Laganas Zante 2
Fishbowl Bar Laganas Zante 3

Bar Code
Worried about missing the football whilst you’re away? Don’t be, Bar Code is renowned for its sports coverage, boasting several big screens – including the only 3D footie experience in Zante and offering up great food all day, it’s a proper pub experience. The perfect place to cheer on your team or drown your sorrows after the match. But it isn’t all about sports though, renowned for its huge range of spirits and cocktails – including the amazing booze-laden slush puppies -and with over 35 different beers to plough through, Bar Code is an awesome place to kick start your night.


Possibly the classiest establishment on the strip, if you’re feeling a little bit fancy then this luxuriously decorated boutique cocktail bar is an absolute must. The highly trained and incredibly friendly bar staff will cater for your every need, whether you’re looking for ice cold champagne, served to you at your own private table or a meticulously crafted cocktail, these alcohol artisans have got all the bases covered. Get ready to be spoiled.

Voodoo Bar Laganas Zante 3
Voodoo Bar Laganas Zante 2
Voodoo Bar Laganas Zanta 1

Wild Coyote Indie Bar
The only 100% Indie music bar in Zante, cranking out all of your favourites from Brit-Pop classics to more modern-day guitar based beauties, if you’re an indie-head looking to escape from dance music for a while, you’ll be in heaven. Wild Coyote is also home to the only Dentist Chair on the island, if you’re feeling brave, strap yourself in and try and smash the bar’s record for sinking a litre of booze in one go, with gorgeous “Dental Nurses” on hand to do the pouring for you, all you have to do is lie back and try not to embarrass yourself.

Wild Coyote Indie Bar Laganas Zante 1
Wild Coyote Indie Bar Laganas Zante 2
Wild Coyote Indie Bar Laganas Zante 3

Across the road from Cactus Hotel and Pure Beach, Enzo serves up incredible food and drinks all day long, before transforming itself into the “Number One Pre-Club Bar in Laganas” at night, there’s a huge dance floor inside and an even bigger bar area, resident DJs churning out the soundtrack to your summer and great drinks offers. This place has it nailed, day and night. Highly recommended.

Enzo Bar Laganas Zante 1
Enzo Bar Laganas Zante 2
Enzo Bar Laganas Zante 3

The Three Lions Bar
A home away from home for sports loving Brits Abroad, this anglocentric sports and cocktail bar is a phenomenal place to be to catch the footie, if you’re lucky enough to come to Laganas during a World Cup or a European Championship, you’re definitely not going to want to be anywhere else. Open since 2006, they’re really got everything perfected, the beer is cold, the banter is on point and the cocktails are almost as big as the screens. Ideal.

Three Lions Bar Laganas Zante 1
Three Lions Bar Laganas Zante 2
Three Lions Bar Laganas Zante 3

As you may have guessed, this is an Australian themed bar, situated down the far end of Laganas strip. It is everything you want and expect from an Aussie owned bar. Massive drinks deals, bonkers staff and a cracking atmosphere. It’s a great place to end the night, if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Aussies Bar Laganas Zante 1
Aussies Bar Laganas Zante 2
Aussies Bar Laganas Zante 3

A relative new comer to the Laganas bar scene, Lush and it’s very friendly staff are really starting to make a name for themselves. With an extensive range of spirits on offer, whatever your tipple, you’ll be well catered for here, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to picking a place to get your pre-drink on in Laganas, but Lush is definitely up there with the best of them.

Linekers Bar
The world famous Linekers Bar now has a home in Laganas too, right in the middle of the strip, it’s always kicking off in here, with loads of exclusive events and incredible DJs from all over the world, the party starts in the afternoon and doesn’t ever stop. Well worth its reputation, definitely one to visit.

Cheeky Tikis
Ever wanted to drink a cocktail out of a toy truck? Sing karaoke in an antique VW Camper van? Re-do your make up in a Star Wars themed bathroom? Well, now you can. Cheeky Tikis offers up all these things and more. This brilliantly wacky Tiki themed bar in the heart of Laganas is completely unlike any other place on the island, the British owners do an amazing job of welcoming you and keeping you entertained, as you’d expect from a Tiki Bar, the cocktails are to die for and the atmosphere is always electric. Has to be seen and experienced, to be believed.

cheeky tikis laganas zante
cheeky_tikis_laganas_01 (1)

So as you can see there is plenty of choice for you to party in Laganas and the only way to get there is to book direct at www.club18-30.com.

See you there #zante2015

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