Eating out in Laganas #summer2015

Eating out Laganas Zante

Eating out in Laganas #summer2015
There are so many amazing places to eat here in Laganas, mouth-watering cuisine from all around the world, everywhere you look. It can be difficult to know where to go and as we all know, nothing spoils a night out faster than a disappointing meal out. So we’ve cherry-picked some of our absolute favourites from around the town, to help make #Summer2015 the most delicious one yet…

The only American Diner in Zante and definitely one of the coolest restaurants around, the place itself looks like it was zapped straight out of Back to the Future, crammed with charming 1950s style, the walls are adorned with all manner of retro-cool, just stepping into the place is an experience in itself. The menu is a combination of American classics and international favourites, all served up by Chevy’s team of gorgeous roller-skating cheerleaders. Start the day right with a stack of authentic American pancakes, beat the heat with one of Chevy’s ludicrously luxurious ice cream sundaes. The menu is literally heaving with amazing dishes, if you’re looking for something a little closer to home, Chevy’s offers up one of the best Sunday roasts on the island, highly recommended. As if all that wasn’t enough, this place is also famed for its unusual and delicious range of cocktails and shots, our favourite is the After-Eight, but there is such a bewilderingly large selection to choose from, you’ll definitely be back for more.

Chevys Laganas Zante 1
Chevys Laganas Zante 2
Chevys Laganas Zante 3

Maggie Mae’s
English restaurant, English chef, English owners. If you’re missing a taste of back home, you need to head on down to Maggies, particularly on a Sunday where you can sample their famous Sunday roast. Huge home-made portions, each cooked to perfection, you’ll feel like you’re back in Blighty from the very first fork full. The rest of the week Maggie Mae’s features an extensive English menu, as well as some traditional Greek dishes, they also hold regular curry nights if you’re looking for something a little spicier. Away from the food, the watermelon cocktails here are giant and delicious and highly recommended. There’s a beer pong table, regular quiz nights and karaoke, which all adds up to give this place a real authentic English pub feel.

Maggie Maes Laganas Zante 1
Maggie Mae's Laganas Zante 2
Maggie Maes Laganas Zante 3

Cool Peppers
Possibly the most refined dining experience in Laganas, this gorgeously decorated restaurant is situated right by the sea and their outdoor veranda offers unbeatable views at sunset. There are precious few things as romantic as enjoying an evening meal with your partner at Cool Peppers, bathed in the moonlight, listening to the waves lap against the shore, just feet away from your table. Bliss. The menu at Cool Peppers is a blend of traditional classics and contemporary favourites. We can’t mention Cool Peppers without talking about their famous rack of bbq ribs, we’ve never seen such a jaw-droppingly large portion and we doubt you will have either, expertly cooked and drenched in the chef’s signature barbecue sauce. It’s not for the faint hearted, share one with a friend or three.

Cool Peppers Laganas Zante 3
Cool Peppers Laganas Zante 2
Cool Peppers Laganas Zante 1

Peri Heaven
If like us, you’re more than a little bit obsessed with a certain peri-peri chicken chain back home and don’t really like to stray too far from a branch, then we’ve got some good news for you. Peri Heaven is Zante’s own version and is arguably even better, difficult to believe, I know, but hear us out. The portions are bigger, the chicken is juicier and the sauces are hotter. On top of that, the menu features dozens of dishes from all around the world, so you can mix it up a bit and as they say, variety is the spice of life and if there’s one thing Peri Heaven knows, it’s spice.

Peri Heaven Laganas Zante 1
Peri Heaven Laganas Zante 2
Peri Heaven Laganas Zante 3

Michael’s Place
Providing top quality food at a budget price isn’t always an easy balancing act to pull off, but Michael’s Place has been managing to do exactly that for many years now. This popular little family friendly restaurant is located next to the Three Lions Bar, so if you’re out for the football and looking for a pre-match meal to soak up all that beer, this place is ideal. Alongside English favourites, Michael’s Place serves up traditional Greek cuisine, with the Moussaka and Kleftiko being particular favourites. If you’re in the market for hearty, home-made cuisine at reasonable prices, then Michael’s is the place for you.

Michaels Place Laganas Zante 3
Michaels Place Laganas Zante 2
Michaels Place Laganas Zante 1

Noodle Box
Sushi is something that you might not have expected to see in Zante, but it’s here and it’s absolutely delicious and very refreshing when the heat has beaten your appetite down. The authentic chefs at Noodle Box work around the clock, freshly preparing noodle and rice based dishes to order, along with sushi, right in front of you, 24 hours a day. It’s a welcome break from the standard fast food along the strip and well worth a visit.

Noodle Box Laganas Zante 1
Noodle Box Laganas Zante 2
Noodle Box Laganas Zante 3

Robin Hood
You know what it’s like when you’re out for a meal with a large group of mates and nobody wants to eat the same thing, so you just end up wandering round and round. Well, Robin Hood might just be the solution. It has a really eclectic menu, with dishes from England, Mexico, Italy and of course Greece, there should be something to keep even the fussiest member of your crew happy and with fantastic lunch and dinner offers, such as the Three Courses and a Drink for 13.50€ deal, it isn’t going to dent your booze money too much either.

Robin Hood Laganas Zante 1
Robin Hood Laganas Zante 2
Robin Hood Laganas Zante 3

So there you have it, as you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when eating out in Laganas.
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